SkyDaz Banter: Wolves

Last updated : 14 May 2004 By Darren Porter

As the Blues representative on Sky not only am I expected to defend and promote my team on the television but also every time I go to the supermarket, the pub, the doctors, the newsagents, the ‘massage’ parlour ….

All fans claim that their club is the best, has the loudest support and turned up in their thousands even when the team was rubbish. It doesn’t matter where you go in the country supporters are very passionate about how well supported their team is. To be honest I’m more impressed by the devotion of
Carlisle’s fans than I am the dirty gloryhunters who jump on the latest bandwagon.

Last season West Bromwich Albion, the detested rivals of the Wolves, won numerous plaudits and awards for their passionate vocal support of the team despite the helplessness of their cause. This season I have been impressed by the loyalty of the Leeds fans who sang their hearts out when 4-1 down for a team that didn’t deserve it.

It is perhaps slightly unfair to reduce the battle to claim the best support in the Premiership this season to a bunch of statistics but they do make interesting reading. We all know that the move to the new stadium has dampened the singing by Manchester City fans and that Arsenal have about two songs that barely register above a whisper but which team can claim to have the best support in the Premiership? Have a guess.

You may think it is Manchester United whose average attendance is the highest at 67,653. Or maybe Chelsea who have introduced a membership allocation scheme to cope with the demand for tickets.

You will be surprised to know that statistically the best supported team with an average attendance to capacity ratio is
Portsmouth with 99.5%. This is a true method of calculating the best supported club. This counts how many people you physically get through the turnstile compared to the capacity of the ground.

Wolves are in a respectable 7th place with 98% and Blues are 10th with 96%.

Purely for the purpose of balance and not for any kind of personal amusement I can inform you that Villa are 19th with 83% and only Blackburn are below them.

The figures include the away support and ours suffers from the amount of fans brought by ‘Boro (886) and
Bolton (743) in the week after their cup final.

This doesn’t mean that Pompey are the best supporters, for crying out loud I would gladly do time to stick that bell up that tattooed gimp’s derriere but it does show that having a big ground doesn’t mean you are a well supported club.

Article reproduced with kind permission of the BCFC official matchday programme.