Carsley Blow For Blues

City boss Alex McLeish initially declined to put a time limit on how long the 34-year-old would be out of action. But, on the day McLeish unveiled new midfielder Michel, the former Scotland boss conceded Carsley will out of action for another six weeks.

"Lee has not had an operation, he is just getting daily treatment. His ankle is in a boot, is stabilised and that is going to help him more," said McLeish.

"But he doesn't need surgery."

McLeish is hoping Michel will be firing on all cylinders for next season but wants him to be ready to step into the current side as quickly as possible.

He added: "Is he more for next season? If he adapts faster than that, then that's a bonus.

"But, if anything should happen to my midfielders, then I want him to be be right to come in and he has got to adjust quickly.

"He can't be of a mindset that he is just breaking himself in for next season."

Source: PA

Source: PA