Mellberg comments helped fire up Blues

Last updated : 17 September 2002 By Brian Cartlidge

Savage gets stuck in
“He said he didn’t know anything of the players - that fired us up. We pinned his comments up in the dressing room," Savage told The B'ham Post

“It’s like how we were fired up against Leeds United. No-one gave us much of a chance against them, either. Well, I think we showed we can play and that we have a passion about us.”

“I thought in the first-half we were fantastic,”

Savage finished the game hardly able to talk and with three stitches in a leg would that led to his second half substitution.

“I can hardly talk, it seems like I’ve got a broken rib,” he said.

“I also had three stitches in a leg wound - so it must have been a derby game!”