Pennant Warned By Bruce

Last updated : 02 March 2006 By Brian Cartlidge

The Blues winger was allegedly involved in a brawl with a doorman at a club in Broad Street in the early hours of Wednesday morning and Bruce has confirmed that he will be disciplined and that the matter is being dealt with internally.

"Jermaine has got to lead his life in a better way off the field. Too often he has been on the front pages rather than the back pages," Bruce has said.

"He is an exciting talent. He has been our best player all season but he has responsibilities.

"I think what has happened has been blown out of proportion but he cannot be seen prancing up and down Broad Street at 3am.

"The club have given Jermaine every support since he came here but we cannot lead his life 24 hours a day. Jermaine has got to realise he has to keep out of the sort of situation he got into on Tuesday."