Sully Wants To Remain In Football

Last updated : 26 September 2009 By Brian Cartlidge

The Blues' co-owner will leave St Andrews after 17 years at the helm once Carson Yeung's takeover of the club is completed - predicted to be at the start of October.

"Everybody says I should call it a day and 'What do you need all that grief for?'," Sullivan has said.

"But the reality is that, if an opportunity came along, I'd go back in.

"I think it's wrong to talk about where at this stage because I won't approach any club until I'm out of Birmingham.

"But, at that point, there are perhaps ten clubs that I might talk to. I'll see what's around, see who wants to sell and who needs a cash injection.

"In a perfect world West Ham United would be nearer to home. But, if there was an airport nearby, I could go back and forth by jet.

"But it's got to be a club with potential. In the nicest possible way, I can't see myself being at Southend, Barnet or Dagenham & Redbridge.

"The club we inherited had one ramshackle old stand. We didn't have loos. People peed against the wall. We had bailiffs coming in five times a day.

"The whole place was a mess. Now we're handing over a team that's probably two players short of being a perfectly good mid-table Premier League side and a club that's in great shape."