Ticket Price Reduction Won't Work - Gold

Last updated : 15 October 2009 By Brian Cartlidge

Blues' new owners have promised to look into possible price-cuts for Premier League matches at St Andrews and began doing so immediately with an approximate £10 reduction on adult ticket prices for the home game against Manchester City on November 1st.

However, Gold, who has turned down the offer of staying with Blues in a vice-presidents role, has warned that reducing the ticket prices for too many games could prove financially disastrous.

"Sadly the model for reducing prices doesn't work," he told BBC Radio Five.

"In the event that you cut your prices in half you do not double your attendance."

"Often fans say if you cut your prices you will fill the stadium but it is not true.

"What I have been lobbying for through the FA, and particularly when I was in the Football League, was for prices to be cut universally, across the board, every club reducing their prices.

"You can't do it individually and Carson will find, if he keeps doing it individually, he will get relegated.

"Fans will love him but he will get relegated because the model doesn't work.

"If all your competitors cut their prices it's fine, it does work.

"But what will happen is the other clubs won't cut their prices and they will get promoted or not relegated, so the model doesn't work.

"If you cut your prices individually, on your own, you will end up in financial difficulties."