Yeung Excited By Blues Challenge

Last updated : 11 October 2009 By Brian Cartlidge

The Hong Kong businessman is expected to hold a press conference on Thursday, 15th October in which it is said that he will outline his plans for the clubs future.

Sammy Yu, who his Yeung's right-hand man, has said: "Carson is looking forward to the day when he walks into the club [as owner].

"No matter what happened before, it is not an issue in his mind.

"Going forward is the only word, he is willing to share the future with everyone who supports the club.

"Filling the stadium, with everyone enjoying the game, is the most important matter for him.

"He has many ideas in his mind, such as looking after the loyal staff and supporters, strengthening the team with the manager, working on the future of player development, and serving the people of the city.

"There are so many things to be done and he is really so excited by it."