Grandad & I: View from the Main Stand

Last updated : 07 May 2004 By Leigh Whitehouse
Me and my Grandad, John Gibbs have finally got our selves back at the Blues...after a long time away, only going now and again. We have both agreed we have missed what St. Andrews was really like - he is always explaining that "there used to be a road here you know, when I was a lad" & "I can't believe it, you used to be able to walk straight through here to get to St. Andrews, now its a dead end" Whilst driving to "Mecca" (St Andrews) he would explain that "I got locked in there as boy you know Leigh" in a very broad Brummie accent - which at times can be annoying & quite funny. I will just nod, and agree - but really I'm not taking the slightest bit of notice (sorry "Grand")

Every home game we will arrive at St. Andrews about three hours before kick-off to go to the pub. As soon as we get through the turn-styles (without asking me) he will say "Im getting a balti pie, and coffee" I usually just go straight to my seat, and take in the atmosphere of St. A's. He will return, pie & coffee in his hand, and EVERY week - without fail he will look right around St. Andrews and I know "Its great here innit" is coming, and yes it does.

You would have to meet him to know excatly what he's like...believe me he is actually in love with the Blues, like most of us. When I go to my grandparents house me & Grand will automatically discuss the Blues - you should see my poor Nan's face, eventually she goes mad and tells us to shut up, she obviously hasn't got Blue in her heart.

Well I thought I would share this story with all you "Blue Bros." But seriously I think he should be the club's "Private History Investigator"

Oh..try and look out for us, we're the people with caps, sun glasses, and our arms are always shading our face "Life is so hard in the Main Stand"

Keep Right On, Leigh.

Leigh Whitehouse is a die hard, 16 year-old Birmingham City season ticket holder who is currently studying English & Media (A-Level) at college.

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