SkyDaz Man Utd Preview

Last updated : 24 March 2006 By Darren Porter

For once I dread putting fingers on the keyboard. Nothing I can say will ease the pain of the last few weeks. The lucky draw with the Baggies, the Spurs defeat and the Liverpool annihilation. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse we plummet to new depths. Live on television and in front of 28,000 paying spectators.

I could try and raise a smile by saying we were in the game until they scored but you would only grin wryly and then frown again. It hurts too much to smile. I'm sure we all put on a brave face Wednesday morning when confronted by an abundance of people without the brain capacity to crack an original joke. Oh how I giggled uncontrollably when I had my fiftieth text message about our favourite drink being 7-Up. That playground gag was being told when I went to school and to give you an indication of how long ago that was I got the cane when I was fifteen.

I suppose in a way the scoreline was a just one as it amply reflected how we have played. Despite the two close scores against WBA and Spurs we didn't actually play well and those who only witnessed the highlights on television must have cursed the moaners who went to both games as ‘doom mongers'. Well now you've all seen how bad we are with your own eyes.

Where do we go from here? Down is the only answer. Avoiding relegation would need the finest comeback since Lazarus. Let's look at the positives. Nope, neither can I!

Pennant ran hard and looked dangerous right up to the point when he had to cross the ball. This might be a tad unfair on the lad. Imagine skinning three defenders, reaching the by-line and then looking up to find that everyone else decided to go the other way and you have to pick out a single blue shirt amongst a cloud of red. You have a split second to play the finest ball and when it goes wrong you look wasteful. He was a speck of sweetcorn in a large turd.

Every match I go to I think we will win and everything will be rosy in the garden. Us Blues fans are eternal optimists and credit to the hardy souls who stayed and sang their little hearts out as the goals flooded into our net. To even consider singing ‘Keep Right On' when your team is five or six down at home is testament to their loyalty and should also be a source of embarrassment to the players who performed like ‘am-I-bovvered' surly teenagers.

There is no point in naming names or calling for heads to roll. I have said that any kneejerk reaction now isn't going to help us this season. We have to let it go and realise que sera sera. I'm off to give a fanzone commentary for Sky on Sunday against ManYoo. If it's anything like our last match Sky might have their first murder!

Keep right on. Beat ManYoo, then Chelsea, no problem. NURSE, he's out of bed again!