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Last updated : 24 December 2005 By Darren Porter

It’s not been a good week has it?

Spanked by both halves of England’s third city. In front of the armchair millions as well just to make sure that everyone knows how poor we really are!

The first shoeing was performed by Pearce’s light blues. We all know it’s cruel to kick a man when he’s down but when he’s such a pathetic target sometimes it’s morbid fun to pick on the weak. The bullies from Manchester City didn’t need asking twice and nor did they have to wait long to commence the humiliation. Make no bones about it, it was humiliating.

If Man City had been five up at half time I am sure Pearce would have lambasted them for their failure to convert more of the numerous chances offered to them by an abject and apathetic Birmingham City.

I hate losing, I genuinely detest the feeling. Within a short space of time though it’s possible to move on because the game has passed and there is hope for the next game. Not this time I’m afraid. The manner of the defeat, the disinterest of the players, the profligacy with which possession was conceded, the complete and utter lack of desire is unforgivable. Eleven professional sportsman, paid thousands a week to merely display their talents to hard working folk who give up their hard earned cash and hard earned free time. And they couldn’t be bothered.

We have problems. We have international footballers who cannot pass the ball to other international players. We have tough tackling World Cup wannabes who cannot tackle. We have three international strikers who never look like scoring.

Oh I wish by a few simple words I could solve the problem and we could all move on to feeling safe and sound but it ain’t that easy. Brucie must lie awake at night and wonder where it went wrong. The answer is a Savage one. We survived in the Premiership whilst still vulnerable because we played a high tempo pressing style that was unattractive and spoiling but at the same time we picked up points. Enough points to survive. That was all we needed. At a testing time we also acquired Dugarry. That boy could play and when allied to the terriers in midfield we became a force that hit and ran away with points.

The current crop of players don’t have the same commitment to the Keep Right On cause. Too many are picking up an easy pay packet knowing that relegation will find them playing for a different team. But that’s not good enough for us fans. We’ll still be here long after they have minced off to pastures new.

The Manchester United defeat was not as bad as the Manchester City one. We are only talking a difference of a few degrees though. Although we stayed with United for the first half we hardly looked like scoring and the introduction of Rooney at half time was more than enough to scare our defence witless. For the first goal it seemed everyone had Rooney covered. Good work girls but what about Park, Ronaldo and Saha?

From then on it was downhill. Park scored his first goal for the reds, didn’t you just know that was coming, and Saha banged in a third. Our only glimmer of hope was another late consolation for Jarosik. It’s a shame he can’t score a bit earlier in each game.

Brucie got booed for waving to his adoring fans in the Railway End. Personally I don’t care. He can wave to anyone he likes. I think the dissatisfaction of Blues fans was more of a collective anger at the way things have been going and the gesture, whilst not intended to offend, was badly timed. Maybe when we are beating them on Wednesday night in the league he can wave to them then. I damn well hope so. I might even go and wave myself.

Keep Right On. It’s hard to keep the faith but we have to try. Carpe Diem.