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Last updated : 26 January 2006 By Darren Porter

It was a funny old weekend. The News of the World had Sven snared in an unbelievable scandal. I don’t mind him knobbing Faria or Ulrika or scamming loads of cash off the FA or even falling for the old fake Sheikh gag. But to associate yourself as a credible international manager by trying to take over at Aston Villa is unforgivable. What the hell was going on in his tiny Swedish mind? On top of that we had a poor disorientated whale desperately trying to get out of London (we all know how he felt!) and some Liberal MP involved in unspeakable acts of debauchery with rent boys. I bet the editor didn’t know which way to turn. Or was that the Liberal MP?

Surely the shock of the weekend though was Birmingham City banging five goals into the net. In one match. In ninety minutes. I know when I picked up the Sunday papers for once I caught all the bits that fall out of the middle in a frantic effort to see if it really did happen! The old peepers have been playing up lately and have tried to deceive me on many occasions, normally following the consumption of alcohol.

It was one of those games where all the fans selected different recipients for the ‘Man of the Match’ award. I saw plaudits for Izzett and his swashbuckling midfield display, Heskey for once again leading the line and Upson who didn’t miss much and played like a candidate for the World Cup squad. Pennant’s name was in the headlines in most newspapers but for me the jewel in the crown was the performance by new boy Chris Sutton. He must have been horrible to play against. He battered a very physical Pompey defence and pulled them all over the park. He won the headers, the tackles and for me the acclaim for a magnificent home debut.

The first goal was a simple nod in for the goal machine Jarosik at the back post. That’s probably a disservice to the guy who constantly makes incisive runs and possesses the capability of scoring from all angles with either feet or indeed head. Sutton and Heskey combined well to free up the resurgent Pennant and his cool left foot finish was clinical from a tight angle.

Matty Upson has been rightly berated for his lack of goals considering his towering performances in the air back in defence but there was no mistaking the bullet header that made it 3-0. The late goals for Forssell and Dunn were the icing on the cake. But they were more than that in that they signified a return to the team of two players that we have so badly missed.

At long last there was the promise of what was to come. And it looked good.

I’ve told you all many times to forget the FA Cup. It will only break your heart. And your wallet. And your faith. Enjoy the away day, enjoy the atmosphere and cross another ground off your list. Then come home and think about Arsenal and not the fourth round draw. Important games loom ahead. Forget mid table mediocrity, we are in for a dog fight and it’s going to the wire. The whole nine yards.

Hopefully against Arsenal those pesky speakers will be working fine and the whole ground will be able to wallow in the beauty of my dulcet tones. Vicky Pollard on helium indeed! Anyway I hope you like the inspirational music. This isn’t hospital radio so don’t send in requests. In fact I’ve had a few requests lately, most of them unprintable.

Keep right on. Winning is a nice feeling, a bit like sex but without the wet patch.