We got our face slapped

My favourites similies are chasing girls and opening Christmas presents. Well on the girl chasing stage, this week we were after one of the ugly sisters. After sucessfully managing to bed Cinderella last week. Well this week we well and truly got our face slapped by one of the ugly sisters. A pantomime similie is also appropriate as I'm sure that the was a lot of shouting of "He's Behind You" and fair bit of "Oh No I Didn't Oh Yes You Did".

For the first half we looked good. For the second half we looked very bad. The difference was Odemwingie. When he made his appearance at half time it looked like he was wearing the golden slipper and was hell bent on getting it to the ball as often as possible. When he did get to the ball it was 1 nil. For a moment it looked like we might get back into the game when our fairy god mother Beausejour managed to get a magic wand on a Bowyer cross. But unfortunately this week the magic coach was definitely Hodgson. His first half Mice looked like charging stallions in the second half. It could have been 4:1 by the time Prince Odemwingie took off the slipper.

If I return to the unopened Christmas present scenario. Then I would have viewed this game against the baggies as the pair of Adidas boots you want. You pick up the wrapped present and you know it's a shoebox. Winning against the Baggies would have lifted us above the Villa with 2 games in hand over them. So a win would have been the limited edition 2011 Adidas adizero F50 Lionel Messi Boots! Okay maybe I'm overstating the importance of the 3 points. But they were at least the Gerrard Predator boots. A draw and the present would have been the 2010 Blue predators that all your mates wore last year. Not a disaster but not what you really had your heart set on. A 3:1 loss is like you opening the present, knowing that you nan has bought them down the market. Your dread is fulfilled when the wrapping reveals the Taiwaneese version. The logo is two stripes instead of three. The model is the creditor not predator and the brand emblazoned on the side is Adios. Very apt given the descent into the relegation zone.

Now to Everton. They are the Premier League team I believe we should be able to emulate. A big city team who live in the shadow of their neighbours. But just occasionally Everton punch above their weight. We should be vying with Everton for mid table/top six places. Okay we shouldn't expect to be hanging around with the super models but definitely not dancing with the ugly sisters in our Adios dancing shoes.