Player Ratings v Blackburn Rovers

Barclays Premiership
Blackburn Rovers v Birmingham City
21st November 2004 at 16:05
Player Ratings

Taylor - Ok

Melchiot - Outstanding, best player on the pitch by a long way.

Gray - Awful at left-back, good on the wing.

Upson - Reasonable.

Cunningham - Below par and struggled with Dickov.

Johnson - A little better but should surely be left out for a while.

Gronkjaer - A productive first half, but second was switched about too much.

Savage - A good goal, but precious little else.

Anderton - Showed why he should play every week with a very good display.

Dunn - Struggled to be too effective, but will have done him good.

Morrison - As for Dunn to be honest.


Clapham - Is a left-back...

Yorke - Ineffective.

Clemence - Can't pass.